What does an  Artist Manager  really do? 

What's an artist manager?

A professional representative and advisor for a musician or band who helps build their career by getting their music in the hands of producers

Music industry contracts are incredibly complicated. A large part of artist management is advising clients on business decisions and negotiating on their behalf. 

Negotiating contracts with producers

A manager can help craft a musician’s public image with an eye toward current trends in music and pop culture. 

Marketing and image 


Managers work with an artist’s record label and booking agent for putting together their client’s touring schedules. 

Managers help nurture an artist’s creativity. Artist managers often have contacts in the industry with  producers who can collaborate with their clients 

Artist Development 

An artist’s success depends on good promotion. A manager works to promote their clients' music and get them featured on music websites and publications 


Good managers build teams around an artist to help them manage their finances and keep tours and production under budget. 

Budgeting and money management 

Managers are responsible for working out their own individual contracts with the artists. These management contracts almost always involve the artist manager taking a fixed percentage of the profit  

Contract with the Artist

As artists grow more successful, opportunities crop up outside of the music industry. Music superstars often appear on TV shows and films in order to diversify their brand and expand their reach  


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