Career as an IPS

Being an IPS officer is a difficult journey that will put your commitment, tolerance, persistence, mental toughness, and physical strength to the test. not to undermine the curriculum, which is meant to broaden their knowledge in various subjects and aid in the development of administrative skills. An evaluation of your character, intelligence, and general personality […]

Career as a CTO

If keeping up with technological trends is your thing, become a CTO. The blog has info about a career as a CTO, the job outlook, and roles and responsibilities.

<strong>Career as a Pilot</strong>

If you aspire to fly an aeroplane if the thought of looking down at the ocean while doing so gives you a rush, and if you genuinely want to make your life one to remember, then read this article in its entirety to learn about the career as a pilot, top recruiters, many airlines you […]

Career as an NFT Artist

Do you like making digital art? Do you want to sell your artwork for a reasonable price? If you said yes, you might be the next big NFT artist! As in the case of Victor Langlois, a teen who sold his painting The Everlasting Beautiful for $550,000. He has made a total of $18 million […]

Career as a Graphic Designer – a complete guide!

Everyone is familiar with the term graphic designer, but it is a much broader term or rather a profile than it actually means. The range of careers one can pursue after earning a graphic design degree is one of the wonderful features of studying graphic design. Graphic designers work on the websites you browse, the […]