What is the JuniorMBA by Clever Harvey?

clever harvey junior mba

Would you buy a gadget without having any knowledge about it? Would you buy a car without test driving the feeling of comfort you thought it would give?   That’s exactly what the JuniorMBA by Clever Harvey is here to provide! JuniorMBA helps empower the young teenagers with the knowledge of various career options available […]

Gaining Career Clarity just got a lot easier for your teen!

career oriented course

The old adage “Find a job you love and never work a day in your life” puts a great amount of pressure on students who are on the precipice of choosing a career option. As parents, we want our children to find something they are truly passionate about. After all, it is passion that helps […]

How to spark your Teenager’s creativity?

parenting a teenager

O creativity, embrace my child! To all the parents looking for a bright career for their teenagers, this is for you. Your child is not an experiment. Your child was never supposed to be a mixed version of everything already existing. Every time you ask your teenager to sing a song,  or recite a poem, […]