Is It Possible To Enhance Your Junior’s Strategic Communication And Analytical Skills?


Raising a kid right is one of the most important aspects of any parent’s life. Children in their early years have strong grasping abilities which if utilized right can turn them into smart ones. If you have a child, sending them to school just isn’t enough. In real life, there are multiple other skills that truly define their personality. Be it for a boy or a girl, the world ahead is ruthless and competitive, and to survive they will need the best education to promote their personality growth.

While schools are a must, they cannot imbibe all the necessary skills there. Here, institutes that work on skill enhancement are key. Right now, we will talk, if the skills are really transferable. Yes, you can always work on skill enhancement, as with practice, they become a part of your child’s life.

Skills That Your Child Must Have

There are various skills that can be taught to children which are:

  • Analytical Skills

Analytical skills are enhanced when your child’s logical abilities are developed. If you place coloured balls with numbers on them and then tell him/her to place them in ascending order or colour-wise, that’s when they think, and as they think you can work on their logical parts by guiding them. They identify trends, filter information, and then make decisions.

  • Communication Skills

Multiple factors form a part of your child’s communication abilities like confidence, phonetics, word associations, thought structures, and spontaneous thinking ability. Your child can have all of these if they are taught this from the beginning. As they learn to speak, they must be able to efficiently communicate their thoughts. If they cannot communicate, their future will be at risk.

  • Strategic Skills

These kinds of skills are a notch higher than analytical skills. These are more industrial skills than life skills but are crucial for your child’s mental growth. Strategic skills involve decision making, environment analysis, game theory, competitor analysis, etc. which are more like how to win in any situation. People with higher strategic ability tend to grow faster in their business/career. The best part, it can be developed from childhood.

  • Language Skills

As the world is becoming a global village, you must have a sense of languages that aid you to grow with time. While English, Hindi, and regional languages are there, the more languages the child knows, the more brain development they have. Also, each language has its own set of rules which further forces the mind to develop itself. Such skills can be developed as any language can be learned at any age.

  • Entrepreneurship Skills

Entrepreneurial skills are not just business skills but they are a huge personality trait. There are many other ways in which they help a personality develop a knack for decision making, strategic thoughts, implementation and controlling, risk-taking, persistence, patience, etc. With the attention span less than that of a goldfish, the stronger their sense of self is, the more persistent they are.

  • Life Skills

There are various other work areas in which a child of this generation needs to grow. There are areas like stress management, critical thinking, deductions, body language, styling, etiquette, presentation skills, etc. which are a huge part of the personality. These skills can also include basic survival skills which are essential for living. Such skills too can be imbibed in the child if they are taught right from their childhood. Certain other values and morals too are a part of developing an aura, that work best if your junior has it all from the beginning. These skills have a major impact on the overall growth of other skills.

  • Coding Or Technical Skills

Now that the New Education Policy(NEP) has also made the inclusion of technical and coding skills, parents too should think about it. We live in an era that is largely based around technology. If one misses out on basic skills related to it, then the child will definitely lack something. These are just like teaching your kids math or science.

Analytical Skills & Strategic Communication- Really Easy?

When these skills are transferred to your junior, they might take their time but will eventually learn them. There are many ways in which such skills can be taught to children- courses, games, worksheets, modules, video lectures, and whatnot. The aim of all these activities is to use smart pedagogy to make this learning as fun as possible. As your child grows, the level of these activities rises and so does their brains. Learning is a never-ending process and so is skill development.

As time advances, the need for new skills evolves. What is taught today might not stay relevant tomorrow, but will always aid their life and their ability to learn new skills. You should strive to provide your child the best education, and it also includes giving them an opportunity to be a better version of themselves. This is possible only when they learn all of these things practically.


So, in answer to the posed question – Yes, you can enhance your junior’s strategic communication and analytical abilities. There are multiple online and offline methods available to teach your kids these things. If you are really keen to help your child succeed, you should definitely enrol them in skill development courses where they can have exposure to get an early grasp of these crucial skills.

Got questions? Share them in the comments section and we shall get back to you.

Happy Parenting!

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