What is the JuniorMBA by Clever Harvey?

clever harvey junior mba
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Would you buy a gadget without having any knowledge about it? Would you buy a car without test driving the feeling of comfort you thought it would give?


That’s exactly what the JuniorMBA by Clever Harvey is here to provide!

JuniorMBA helps empower the young teenagers with the knowledge of various career options available in the professional world, along with an opportunity to test-drive different roles like CEO, CMO, CTO, giving precise clarity to the young minds on what these positions actually entail, so they can confidently pursue the career of their choice!

JuniorMBA by Clever Harvey is an entrepreneurship program designed for the young teenagers of today’s generation to be competent with the 21st century practical skills that are required in the world of business. 

Clever Harvey aims at helping the creative minds understand the concept of finance, budgeting, the importance of critical thinking, ability to strategize plans for business operations, so no idea that runs their mind remains to be just a daydream but rather a potential plan for their future growth. 

The confidence derived by our students or the feeling of happiness which enables a student to dream beyond average, trying to make a meaningful impact on their life post the completion of their learning process, through relevant business courses, goes way beyond learning only for results and certificates.

Students are taught through case studies picked up from some of the most renowned companies, which makes learning more informative, practical and above all it brings a taste of the corporate environment in the classroom, giving them fair knowledge of the difference between what challenges look like in a textbook vs that in the real world. 

It not only helps them understand the challenge and respond to it in an effective manner but also trains them to overcome pitfalls while implementing ideas that can lead to a potential threat. 

We believe it is necessary for the young generation to understand the various career options available in the business world, test-drive them for a shorter duration of time before deciding to pursue it in depth and be happy, satisfied and confident in whatever they are willing to choose for the rest of their lives.

Help your child build the career of his dreams. Click here to enroll for a free demo to the JuniorMBA Programs and learn more about Strategy, Technology, and Marketing


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