Gaining Career Clarity just got a lot easier for your teen!

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The old adage “Find a job you love and never work a day in your life” puts a great amount of pressure on students who are on the precipice of choosing a career option. As parents, we want our children to find something they are truly passionate about. After all, it is passion that helps people keep their head above the water when the going gets tough. However,  with a multitude of career options staring our children in the face, making an informed career choice is no walk in the park.

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Up until now, most parents opted for career counselling to help their children make an informed decision. While career counselling is great to help young minds better recognize the gamut of options at their disposal, it doesn’t really help students understand what it is like to practice the career of their choice.

There has been an explosion of career choices in the past decade. Digital Marketing, Data  Scientist, and Full-Stack Developer are just a few career opportunities that have gained momentum and popularity amongst the younger generation in the recent past. The pressure on students to make the right career choice starts as soon as they enter their teens. 

Let’s say for example your child has what it takes to become a success in the marketing world. Wouldn’t it be great if he actually got a chance to practice that career and gain some real-world skills in the process? 

CleverHarvey’s JuniorMBA Program will help your child do just that! Our carefully crafted JuniorMBA Programs will help them build business plans, ad campaigns and app prototypes from the get-go. 

Armed with real-world skills and knowledge, at the end of our JuniorMBA Programs, your child will be better equipped to choose a career that is apt for him. He will know what it is like to live in the shoes of a CEO, CMO, or CTO and he will get a taste of the pressure and power that accompany these career choices.  

Help your child build the career of his dreams. Click here to enroll for a free demo to the JuniorMBA Program. 

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