How to spot early signs of business interest

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What will my child become when they grow up?
What subjects should they choose?
Which college should they go to?

As parents, we have many questions for our children’s future. Your teenager is helping you make these decisions without realizing it. Want to know how? 

4 signs that your child is showing entrepreneurial potential.

  1. Your child is asking for more
    You may find your child asking for a pocket money raise or try to talk you into why they really need that playstation or dress or phone. Whatever it may be, know that your child is determined to find the path that works in their favor and that’s a trait all entrepreneurs possess – the ability to communicate & negotiate.
  2. Your child is always up to some task
    Your child is always thinking of things to do or new projects to take on. “Switch off mode” doesn’t really exist. This shows them wanting to be hands-on and wanting to learn something new. Inquisitiveness & learning is an essential part of being an entrepreneur.
  3. Your child enjoys group projects
    Thriving in group projects is a sign of a child who enjoys and is good at teamwork. These kids are self-motivated and like to take charge, exemplifying leadership qualities that are quintessential to being an entrepreneur.
  4. Your child doesn’t give up
    If your child looks at problems as puzzles not obstacles & comes up with solutions, they have problem-solving skills & tenacity. Important requirements for entrepreneurs.

Parents, if your child possesses these traits you must support them in developing these further by taking them to business conferences, signing them up for short courses or internships but most importantly giving them an environment where they feel free to explore their potential.
Ps – Feel free to have a look at some of our teenage entrepreneurs
Sriram Subramaniam
– CEO Clever Harvey

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