5 Best ways to develop early Entrepreneurship Skills


The best way to predict the future is to create it! The internet has put us on a shore with an ocean of information to dive-in. Among other things, searching for the perfect career option for our beloved children is like getting oysters from the ocean bed. 

This article attempts to empower parents with some pearls of information.


Best career option would be the one that could place our children on the map of global market and economic sphere at an early age. Success would then be a cake walk. It is a no-brainer that the most ardently sought-for skill in today’s age is; entrepreneurship. Instead of pinning on a career it is better to teach a skill that would help in any career our child chooses to pursue. 


Business development skills are not only limited for children aiming for start-ups. Instead, it is this skill that enhances the perception of how the business world works. Even if a child is destined to run a family business or wishes to do a job, entrepreneurial skills will always make that child a better suited candidate for any and every kind of career or post.


The ‘old-school’ clings to the idea of developing entrepreneur skills during the post-graduation days. Well, but a little market awareness and latest trend suggests otherwise. With growing support for start-ups and more children looking forward to bagging the title of ‘youngest Indian entrepreneur’ the new school of thought is taking over.

Nurturing entrepreneurship skills from teenage is the key to having a novel start. Also, the philosophy of gaining more experience at a younger age prepares the child for greater challenges of life. In the teenage years, not only the mind is fresh and brimming with new perspective, but also the vigour and enthusiasm is high. Imagine the wonders that can be created when this beaming energy is channelized in the right direction.


Let’s explore five ways to develop early entrepreneurship skills:

  1. Reading: 
    Read about start-ups. There are so many books available to help one get a clear perspective on how the entrepreneurial world thrives. Successful entrepreneur, Peter Thiel the founder of Paypal has written a book, ‘Zero to One’ which is an ultimate guide for developing desired characteristics of entrepreneurship.
  1. Join a course: 
    With the world moving ‘online’ during this pandemic, a plethora of options like attending webinars, doing workshops or joining some online courses are open for all. With these resources self-growth is on our finger tips.
  1. Simulation: 
    Idea to execution, all of it can be simulated. It is this safe and secured method of running through all aspects of a start-up in every detail to gather gist and yet stay safe from any real loss. Starting from project-planning to implementation there are many factors to consider which can be better understood in its practicality. Simulation takes the child from theory to practical in a big way. But having a mentor would be a compulsive requirement here.
  1. Internship: 
    If simulating a business idea can be of great help, one can imagine how wonderful an impact internship can bring. Experiencing something is the best method of inculcating it in one’s personality. If a child can be exposed to internship experience under a good organization the learning will be on another level all together. With seniors around to guide and manoeuvre, any child’s business acumen is bound to flourish.
  1. Clever Harvey JuniorMBA
    Clever Harvey adds a new horizon in the life of the teenagers. With the mission and vision to help create more entrepreneurs in India; Clever Harvey offers certified courses. JuniorMBA is one such course that hones the child’s inherent inclination towards business and entrepreneurship by providing them a fertile ground for growth. Theory to practical and project presentation to internship the child gets it all here. Explore here for more details. 

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