How to become an Investment Analyst

Have you ever saved up your pocket money to spend it on something you really like? You must have played the options in your head, using critical thinking, research, and mathematical skills to decide what to invest in. That is precisely what an Investment Analyst does, but at a larger scale and for their clients. […]

How to become a Public Relations Officer in India

Are you the kind of person who has the ability to improve any situation? Do you have unique suggestions for highlighting the skills and characteristics of others? Are there any celebrities or brands that you particularly enjoy because of their internet personas? These brands and celebrities have clever individuals working to shape and display their […]

How To Become A Chief Marketing Officer- Detailed Guide

For any business to thrive, it is very important for a company to boost its sales and make sure that its products and services are sold. This won’t take place on its own. Every company needs to think things through and come up with great strategies to achieve its goals.  Have you ever wondered if […]

How to become an Entrepreneur after 12th?

Have you ever watched Shark Tank and cheered when a contestant with an innovative idea landed a deal with one of the sharks? Or do you know anyone who enjoys their job and is their own boss? Yes, we’re talking about the visionaries among us, the entrepreneurs! Entrepreneurs’ unique ideas can address a wide range […]

How to become a Electrical Engineer after 12th in India –

A flat-screen television’s ability to be energy-efficient is only one of many questions that electrical engineers are eager to ponder.  Electricity is a type of energy that is used by many of the most common and practical items that make contemporary living possible, including cars, batteries, computers, lightbulbs, mobile phones, and satellites. These are just […]

How to become an effective Product Manager

We have all had that one favorite brand that keeps surprising us with its upgrades and fun marketing strategies. Be it Coca-Cola offering a healthy sugar-free option or Mcdonald’s introducing Indian twists in their burgers. Such strategies help in gaining a viable position in the market.  Achieving this requires high focus and management of multiple […]

How to Become a Nutritionist after 12th in India

Is health a source of joy for you? Are you someone who wants to help others get in shape? Nutritionists and dieticians are in high demand today due to the rise in diabetes, PCOD, obesity, and hypertension caused by our unhealthy lifestyles. As a result, everyone has become health conscious and needs the help of […]

How to become a Brand Manager?

You just walked into a McDonald’s. What is it that you observe around you? Probably the coffee smell, the red and yellow colored flyers, the clown outside it, and people enjoying the burgers. Right?  Now if you go to a McDonald’s outlet in a different city, you would probably have a similar experience. What does […]

How to become an effective Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

If the Operating System could be a person, it would have been a Chief Technology Officer, also known as CTO. A CTO is known for carefully considering the business acumen when planning, implementing and managing an organization’s technical goals and objectives. In the C-suite industries, it is one of the most sought-after executive roles. Despite […]