<strong>Career as an Electronic Engineer</strong>

The amount of technology operating on tiny chips will blow your mind if you’re the kind of person who is more interested in a computer’s motherboards than the games it contains. If you wish to work in such high-tech settings, you should consider becoming an electronic engineer. Read the blog to learn more about the […]

Career as a Film Director – A guide to making your own films! 

For any film, the film director is the captain. They are the ones whose creative vision we see on screen. However, there are some interesting ways certain directors convey their stories.  For instance, Sanjay Leela Bhansali uses colours and inanimate objects to show the feelings of his characters. Zoya Akhtar’s film usually focuses on perspective […]

<strong>Career as an Activist</strong>

Do you possess a firm and insightful point of view on everything? Are you the kind of person that finds our long history fascinating and aspires to make our society better? Do you possess a powerful voice and the capacity to organize and direct a sizable crowd? You can pursue a career as an activist […]

Career as a Surgeon

Will you be able to thrive in stressful situations and enjoy crisis management? Can you concentrate for long stretches of time? Do you want to improve your manual dexterity? This blog offers a thorough overview of a career as a Surgeon, including what they do, different career paths you can choose from, and various job […]

Career as a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Any company that wants to succeed must increase sales and ensure that customers buy its goods and services. This won’t happen by itself. To accomplish its objectives, every business must carefully consider its options and develop effective strategies. Have you ever considered yourself a potential team leader for the management of a company’s marketing initiatives? […]