Career as a Retail Manager- A complete guide!

When you walk into a retail store- say, Big Bazaar- have you noticed that the items are placed at different sections of the store to create a mind map? So the next time you visit the store, you know exactly where you should go to buy grocery or crockery items.  Do you think this eases […]

Career as a Meteorologist

Do you wish to research the weather and climate of the planet in order to learn how they impact life here and vice versa? Do you want to make a weather forecast? This blog is a detailed guide on the career as a meteorologist, what they do, different paths you can take to become a […]

<strong>Career as a Botanist</strong>

Do you enjoy spending time in nature? Do the diverse biodiversity of plants intrigue your curiosity, and can you devote long hours to researching and comprehending various components of our environment? Then you can pursue your interest in botany professionally. Read this blog to discover about the career as a botanist, salary, responsibilities, top recruiters, […]

Career as a Forensic Pathologist

Do you wish to become a Forensic Pathologist? the article covers career as a forensic Pathologist, the career path, job roles, and the qualifications.

Career as a Politician

Do you want to see a better India? Do you believe you can create and implement laws that will benefit society? If you said yes, you have the mindset of a politician. Politics is frequently associated with negative terms like corruption, greed, and nepotism. Politics, on the other hand, has played a noble and ancient […]

Career as a Director General of Police

If a police officer’s life inspires you, you might be interested in finding out more about what it takes to become one. Compared to the lives you may have seen in movies, police officers lead very different lives. Day and night, they put their lives in danger to help others.  They conduct their patrolling activities […]