Tip #1

Research on different career options that look attractive to you and find out the educational requirements.

Tip #2

Focus on yourself! Your friend's class 10 CBSE exam result is not your result. Hence, your friend’s path may not be your path.

Understand what you are getting into. Find out the topics you will be learning and the work you will be doing for a particular stream.

Tip #3

Talk to the experts. Don’t hesitate to go for career counselling after getting your class 10 CBSE exam results.

Tip #4

Know your limitations. Whether it be financial, geographical, or personal. Get familiar with all your options.

Tip #5

Tip #6

Explore new courses or hobbies. You never know what is going to spark an interest in you and open up new possibilities.

Tip #7

Discover your strengths. Match your skills with the stream after getting your class 10 CBSE exam results.

Tip #8

‘Test-drive’ different careers with Clever Harvey! Experience multiple industries first hand and confidently pick a stream for your dream career.

Get an edge for your future.

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