What does an Insurance Underwriter do?

What does an Insurance Underwriter do?

They decide if a potential consumer should be insured and, if so, recommend a rate that is reasonable for that degree of risk.

What do they do?

Insurance underwriters either are employed by or freelance for insurance companies, underwriting for their clients as applicants.

Who do they assess?

– Prior insurance track record – Tax record – Previous loans record – Police records

What do they assess?

– Analyse Risk and exposures – Negotiating terms and conditions – Deciding the coverage and    premiums

Their Main Job

– Market risk – Credit risk – Operational risk – Liquidity risk

Types of risks they analyse

Insurance Underwriters use specialised softwares to analyse customer risk profiles and compute expenses.

How do they analyse risk?

Insurance underwriters collaborate closely with insurance agents, who have direct contact with customers, and actuaries.


Underwriters deal with a variety of fields, including auto, homes, marine, commercial, personal/professional liability,travel insurance and more.

Industry Specialisation

– Communication – Decision Making – Market Prediction – Tech Proficiency

Skill Set required

– Data Management – Data Analysis

Technical Skills

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