What does a  School Principal  do?

What do they do?

The principal can serve as a curriculum consultant, budget analyst, public relations representative, mediator, disciplinarian, and manager on any given day.

Busy schedule

This might be the job for you if you enjoy a diverse workweek.

Core responsibility

The principal is responsible for every element of the school.

Responsible for others

While the principal reports to the school superintendent or an associate superintendent, he or she is responsible to a variety of persons.

What do others expect from them?

Parents demand quality education and a safe environment for their children, and the community wants tax dollars to be spent wisely.

What do they hope to achieve?

Student accomplishment on standardised exams to be on pace with the rest of the state's schools is also looked over by the principal.

Manager throughout

Manage a school's whole faculty and staff.

Safety and Student Growth

The principal is responsible for the academic success of the school as well as the safety of pupils while on school premises.

Look over

Oversee the performance of a school, which is mostly determined by how well pupils perform on standardised examinations.

High expectation

Strong-performing schools' principals are expected to maintain high test results.

Success is around the corner

Low-performing schools are required to raise their results year after year until they achieve high-performing status.

Decision maker

Make decisions on how the school's cash will be used.

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