What does a Judge do?

What does a Judge do?

Judges make legal decisions, function as a referee between the litigating parties, and rule on legal matters.

Who is a Judge?

Judges have a number of responsibilities both within and outside the courtroom. They execute the following tasks in the courtroom.

Roles and Responsibilities

– Hearing the prosecution and    defending parties' allegations. – Listening to the testimony of    witnesses. – Deciding evidence admissibility. – Informing defendants of their rights.

These responsibilities include

– Educating the jurors. – Inquiring about witnesses. – Judging motions brought up by    counsel. – Determining responsibility or    damages in legal situations.

It also includes

Judges don't do all of their duties in the courtroom. They also have responsibilities outside of the courtroom (in chambers).

Chamber which is not a secret

They conduct legal research, issue opinions and case decisions and supervise the work of law clerks and other court personnel.


They meet with attorneys to discuss cases and encourage settlement, and create court rules and procedures.

Law is always right

Marriage ceremonies and marriage licences are also performed by some judges.

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