What does a Hydrologist do?

What do they do?

A hydrologist is a scientist who studies the subsurface and surface waters' distribution, circulation, and physical qualities.

Their main work

They assist environmental and other experts in the preservation and cleanup of the environment, as well as in the search for groundwater.

STEM job

This is a green job as well as a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

All-round management

To assist projects and programmes, plan and collect surface water or groundwater, as well as monitor data.

Always up for a Collab

Collaborate with local, state, and federal entities for inspection and to keep an eye on the water quality.

Research matter

Conduct stormwater and watershed research.

Data Processing

Process data from the weather, snow, and water reports.

Installing equipment

Install instruments on-site to maintain water quality.

Salary Expectations

– Median annual salary: 62 LPA (3k/hour) – Top 10% annual salary: 95 LPA (4.5k/hour) – Bottom 10% annual salary: 40 LPA (1.5k/hour)

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