What does a Guidance Counsellor do?

What does a Guidance Counsellor do?

Guidance counsellors in schools assist students in developing the intellectual and social skills necessary for personal and professional success.

What do they do?

Students arrive at school with a variety of issues and obstacles, the counsellor helps them overcome those.

Why do we need a Guidance Counsellor at school?

They might have learning impairments, facing bullies, feel neglected, or be addicted.

Obstacles faced by students

Aptitude tests, interviews, and personalised planning are used to assess pupils' talents and interests.

Tests for Student Assessment

Identifying factors that impact school performance, such as low attendance rates in the classroom

What is their main job?

Using classroom coaching to help children understand and overcome social or behavioural issues lessons and guidance

How do they help the students?

Individual and small-group counselling based on student and school needs

Counselling sessions

Working with students to help them acquire skills like organisational and time management, as well as good study habits

Sharpening skills of students

Assisting students in developing a strategy to meet academic and professional objectives

Achieving Goals

To assist children in succeeding, they collaborate with teachers, administrators, and parents.


Educating students and school workers about certain issues, such as bullying, drug misuse, and college or career planning following graduation.

Teaching important stuff

Maintaining needed records and reports, probable incidents of neglect or abuse, as well as directing kids and parents to other agencies for more help.


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