What does a Chief Financial Officer do?

What does a Chief Financial Officer do?

CFOs are in charge of an organisation's financial strategy and budgetary priorities.

What do they do?

They hold a high position in the company's hierarchy and collaborate closely with other C-level executives to set and realise the company's objectives.

How important are they?

A person often earns the title of CFO after working in increasingly more managerial accounting or finance jobs for at least ten years.

How do they get the title?

CFOs frequently hold advanced degrees, such as an MBA.

Educational background

Certified public accountants (CPAs) or certified management accountants (CMAs) are examples of professionals who hold professional licensure or certification (CMAs).


– Organise and direct the financial    departments and functions. – Analyse operations and look for    ways to improve efficiency. – Plan, prepare, and report on budget    ideas.


– Identify fresh business possibilities – Monitor and maintain financial IT    systems. – Financial staffing and management. – Ensure that all legal and insurance    requirements are met.


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