What are the career options for a law graduate in India?

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Corporate Law

Corporate lawyers represent corporations, (not their employees or shareholders) as they navigate transactions and contracts

Criminal Law

Criminal lawyers either prosecute or defend individuals who have been accused of a crime

Civil Law

Civil lawyers only deal with cases involving an offence against a private individual or a private party, for example breach of contract

Legal Advisor

While a lawyer represents you in court, a legal advisor is anyone with knowledge of the law who provides advice to their clients.

Judicial Services

After an LLB you can join the judiciary and be a public prosecutor or district or sessions judge

Cyber Law

This field has been growing fast and cyber lawyers are in demand across the corporate and government worlds

Civil services

Studying law gives you the right foundation to work in the Indian civil service or other executive branches of the government

Academics and Research

One can pursue a master's degree in law followed by a Ph.D., and become a law professor or researcher

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Need help to get more career clarity?

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