Top 5 Countries to  Study Engineering  Abroad for  Indians


Home to world-renowned universities for STEM degrees, the USA is a great place for Indian students to pursue a technical career.

- Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Stanford University - University of California, Berkeley


With famous industrial companies and free public education, many Indians students turn to German universities.

- Technical University of Munich - RWTH Aachen University - Technische Universität Berlin


With several universities from the country ranking high on global rankings for engineering, Singapore is an amazing destination.

- Nanyang Technological University - National University of Singapore - Singapore Management University

The UK

Given their prestigious universities and high rankings, the United Kingdom is know to offer a high quality education.

- University of Cambridge - University of Oxford - Imperial College London


Owing to job and residency opportunities, many Indian students opt to pursue engineering in Canada.

- University of Toronto - University of British Columbia - University of Waterloo

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