1. Written/Verbal English Communication

Globalisation is real, and its language is English. An essential skill for all CBSE exams.

Everyone asks “Is there an app for that?” Having this skill will open up a world of opportunities for you in the 21st century job market.

2. Coding

3. Team Work

An essential skill to develop after class 10 that will help you in class 11 & 12, and further in your career.

With the boom of digital services still on the rise, being tech savvy will get you noticed by colleges and employers.

4. Technology Skills

5. Digital Marketing

Every business function now requires an understanding of how digital marketing can improve their operations.

Be in control of every situation with this vital skill for the 21st century and your next CBSE exams.

6. Problem Solving

It’s not maths! It’s an observation and attention to detail. Analysing data is a big strategic factor for businesses nowadays.

7. Data Analysis

A fun and useful skill to have in your quiver. It will come in handy when creating presentations and posts.

8. Media Editing

9. Creative Thinking

Innovation drives progress! Let your creativity run wild to bring out ideas that can change the world.

Learn to identify gaps in the market and develop the next big idea to change the world.

10. Entrepreneurship

Develop skills to top your next CBSE exam and be a future leader

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