To be or Not to be?

Sports Analyst

What you’ll need?

A genuine interest in sports

Ability to understand data

Problem-solving skills

Flexibility to incorporate newfound information

Knowledge of data analysis tools

An eye for deduction

Presentation skills

What you’ll get?

The power to steer the 127 billion dollar sports industry +perks

Growth of the Sports Analytics Market

USD 1.05 billion in 2020 → USD 5.11 billion by 2026

For the role of sports Analysts

Rising demand

Low availability

Rising Pay

How to Pursue?

Acquire Knowledge

Learn Data Analysis.

Get a bachelor’s degree in communication, journalism or broadcasting.

Create Portfolio

Every time you watch a game, pay attention to the game’s outcome, player stats and other information.

Create statistical models to predict future games.

Get Experience

Draw reports for your school or college’s athletics club.

Intern at local television or sports media outlets.

Here’s a list of top movies centered around sports analytics to find out more

Moneyball, Silly Little Game, Two For The Money, Freakonomics, The Numbers Game, The Damned United