To be or Not to be?

Interaction Designer

What’s Interaction Design?

The design of efficient, effective and positive interactions between users and products like websites, applications and systems.

A part of UX design, IxD specialises in designing the procedure and all other requirements for the specific moments when a user interacts with the product.

What does an Interaction Designer do?

Interacts with Users

Consults with Colleagues

Creates Wireframes

Tests Products

Skills you’ll need


An interaction designer must be able to put themselves in the users’ shoes to understand their concerns and requirements.

Market Research

Staying abreast of the latest design and technology trends is a must to create the best possible interactive experience for the users.

Analytical Skills

It’s important to be able to user behavior and the data derived from it to optimize the product as necessary.

Visual Communication Skills

The job description entails creating different forms of visual representations of the planned interaction using prototypes, presentations, infographics, icons, wireframes, storyboards and more.

Business Acumen

It is important to know the organizational goal and then make design decisions or implement the required features in line with it.

Creative and Critical Thinking

Approaching problems logically and thinking out of the box to come up with creative solutions is what drives the industry forward.

Verbal Communication Skills

Interaction designers mostly work in teams of members handling peripheral activities. It is crucial that the communication between teams should be crystal clear.

Design and Coding

Though not strictly required to land a position at entry-level, it is advised to have a working knowledge of design softwares and a few relevant coding languages to advance in the field.

Why consider IxD?

Rising market

Diverse opportunities

High pay

How to Pursue?

Enroll for a Bachelor’s Degree in Interaction Design or associated courses

Create a portfolio of strong work samples

Apply for an entry-level position during graduation

Hone your design and coding skills

Land your dream job

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