To Be or Not To Be Chief Sustainability Officer

What is their purpose?

Ensuring the organisation’s business practices are economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable.

Develop, manage and monitor the organisation’s sustainability strategy by working together with management, employees, customers and shareholders, thus reducing the company’s impact on the environment.

What do they do?

Professionals coming from diverse backgrounds including business, science, communications, engineering etc. can take up the title of a CSO. There are many career paths that can lead one to this position

How to become a CSO of an organisation ?

For entry level jobs, you will at least need an undergraduate degree. If you are aiming for leadership positions, a postgraduate degree in the related subject is preferred. 

However, here’s an overview of what you’ll need

A strong portfolio. If you don’t have related work experience, internships and projects should make up for it. 

What else would you need?

Chief Sustainability Officers usually work from an office, but their work does involve frequent travelling. 

Work Environment

The essential skills include:

- Policy development and administration - Knowledge about the state government - Knowledge of regulation and standards    compliance

- Communication and presentation - Collaboration and conflict    management - Risk assessment and management. 

Some of the soft skills that you’ll need:

Average salary of a CSO in India is Rs.48 lakhs. 

Salary of a CSO in India

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