To be    or not to be an  Environmental   Lawyer 

What do they do?

1. Research environmental issues 2. Acquire evidence for the court 3. Provide legal guidance to clients

Courses needed

Minimum of a Bachelor's degree program focusing on environmental policy or environmental science.

Soft Skills

- Critical thinking - Analytical reasoning - Negotiation skills - Research and writing skills.

Universities to check out:

- Vermont Law School -Vermont, USA - Lewis & Clark College - Oregon, USA - National Law University - Bangalore, India - Jindal Global Law School - Sonipat, India

Projected to increase by 9% between 2020 and 2030. 

Job demand

Graduates start as associates and work with more experienced lawyers, before becoming partners.


Most lawyers work in an office environment, though travel may be needed if they teach at a university.

Work environment

 Work experience

Companies hire environmental lawyers with a minimum of 5 years of work experience (internships).


- Non-Profit - Corporate (Private sector) - Government - Public Interest - Private Practice (Court cases)

- Dark Waters - Erin Brockovich - Better Together

Movies about Environmental Law

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