13 Tips and Tricks to Crack UPSC Exam

13 Tips and Tricks to Crack UPSC Exam

Comprehend the syllabus

Read the curriculum carefully and make sure you understand the contents.

In-depth study of the subjects

To succeed, you must have a thorough understanding of the subjects and issues.

Get familiar with the exam format

The UPSC or IAS test is divided into three stages, each with its own syllabus and question structure.

Get used to the question sets and marking system

Be careful while answering as this exam has negative marking.

Better start beforehand

This exam has a wide range of questions from a huge syllabus so start your preparation a year early.

Emphasise your general knowledge

You can improve your general knowledge by reading a variety of books, journals, articles, and yearbooks.

Keep up with current events

It's critical to stay abreast of the current events.

Develop a habit of writing

Developing a habit of writing regularly can help you reach a successful conclusion to your IAS journey.

Study from suggested books

For a firm foundation and in-depth understanding of each topic, study NCERT books and standard books.

Develop a subject strategy

It is beneficial to create a study plan and stick to it. To do so, you'll need a well-thought-out study method.

Avoid cramming new topics at the last moment

Instead, revise and practice your weak areas to strengthen them, and your strong areas to perfect them.

Take regular practice tests

Attempt previous years’ papers. These exams and questions assist in acclimating to the UPSC exam's time and format.

Check your nerves

Once you've checked off all of the items on the above list, all you have to do now is be determined and confident.

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