10 Things  students  should  learn before studying Psychology

 10 Things  students  should  learn before studying Psychology


Before you begin your degree, do some necessary reading. Because psychology is such a big subject, lay some solid foundations by reading widely.

Stay up-to-date with current affairs

Read blogs, journals, and magazines; attend TED speeches; listen to podcasts; and look for psychology-related topics in newspapers.

Keep your eyes and ears open at all times. To gain a better knowledge of psychological concepts, use ordinary experiences and interactions.

Open your eyes

Everyone around you can teach you something. Go and think with some other humans about how psychology asks questions about how we think as humans.

Surrounding study

This is your opportunity to learn what you desire, not what you are required to learn. You will have far more academic independence than you have ever had before.

Independent Study

Practice taking notes and drawing diagrams. Over the course of your degree, you'll be taking a lot of notes on your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or with paper and pens.

Take that in “note”

It's easy to stay up late reading textbooks and staring at computer screens, but it's not the healthiest habit    to develop.

Get enough sleep

Think with your core mind.

Develop cognitive skills

Observe, Observe and Observe, that is the most important thing you need to be doing and finding out the ways to help others by giving solutions.

Be a mentalist

The most important, having the skill to interact with the patient and get to know the patient's exact suffering.


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