Get to know the 3 Types of Income

But what if we think of Income in terms of fries and burgers instead of equations and numbers?

Earned Income

Any income received via a job- including salary, tips, bonuses, wages etc.

If you’re working a job at McDonalds, as a chef or waitress, the regular fixed salary you get paid by the company is your earned income.

Portfolio Income

Money received from investment, dividends, capital gains or royalties.

If you buy McDonald's Stock and earn money from this investment, your income is called Portfolio Income.

Passive Income

Money earned via a source that isn’t an employer, self-employment  or enterprise without active participation.

By buying a McDonalds Franchise, you’ll earn Passive Income in the form of rent, limited partnerships, etc.

Finance is a lot less scary when you think about it in 🍔 & 🍟

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Turns out that  piri piri fries can even make Finance Fun and now you know the three main types of income.