Youngest Entrepreneurs in Shark Tank History

Can’t get enough of the new season of Shark Tank India? Neither can we! But why not try participating instead of just watching?

If you think you’re too young, then think again, these teens got their start from as young as 11 on Shark Tank!

Benjamin Stern, 14

Pitch: NOHBO

Single use, no packaging, shampoo balls and other personal care items

Got: $100,000 for 25%

Carson Grill, 15

Pitch: Touch Up Cup

Paint storage container for your next paint touch up project

Got: $150,000 for 17.5%

Carson Kropfl, 11

Pitch: Locker Board

Skateboard that fits inside a school locker

Got: $60,000 for 15%

Inventioneers, Teens

Pitch: Smartwheel

Intelligent steering wheel that helps prevent distracted driving

Got: $100,000 for 30%

Sofia Overton, 13

Pitch: WisePocket Socks

Socks with pockets

Got: $35,000 for 25%

Cassidy Crowley, 10

Pitch: Babytoon

Two-in-one baby spoon and teether

Got: $50,000 for 50%