Should you  consider  a career in  Renewable Energy?

 Should you  consider  a career in  Renewable Energy?

Who is a Renewable Energy Expert?

They work on energy production from renewable or sustainable sources such as solar, wind and hydro or marine power.

Their role encompasses researching and developing new machinery & equipment, production processes and cleaner ways to harness and supply energy.

What do they do?

– Business and commercial – Finance – Law – Construction – Maintenance – Management – Skilled trades

Few job categories within renewable energy include

You will need a B.Tech and an M.Tech in engineering. You may also need a licence to do certain jobs, like mechanical engineering.

What do you need?

– Interest in science, technology, and    the environment – Mathematical & scientific ability – Strong IT skills – Ability to understand complex data – Knowledge of legislation

Basic Skills & Intersts

– Problem solving and analytical skills – Project management skills – Communication skills

Other Skills

Absolutely! With various countries and companies pledging to go net zero by 2040, the renewable energy industry is more important than ever.

Are renewable energy engineers in demand?

The global renewable energy market is projected to reach $1977.6 billion by 2030.

Renewable Energy Market

The national average for an energy engineer is Rs.5.75 lakhs.

What is the average salary of an energy engineer in India?

Catching the Sun – The Fourth Revolution: Energy – Generation on the Wind – Switch Energy Project

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