Should I be a Sound Mixer?

Sound mixers head up the department responsible for all the sound recorded during filming. This is predominantly dialogue but can include sound effects and atmosphere.

What is a Sound Mixer?

Method of capturing sound 

Before shooting starts, they meet with the producer and director to discuss the best method of capturing sound alongside the director’s shooting style. 

During filming, sound mixers ensure audio from radio and boom microphones is recorded at a good level. If they flag up a problem, the director decides to do another take.

Quality control

Quite a lot of sound on a film or TV drama is added in the edit. Speech is often corrected through ADR (automated dialogue replacement), a way of re-recording in a studio.


The average Sound Mixer salary in the United States is $62,647 as of April 26, 2022, but the salary range typically falls between $53,163 and $73,759. 



The qualifications that you need to get a sound mixing job include a degree or equivalent experience, skills with audio mixing software, and the ability to work with music producers. 


Normally a Bachelor's Degree is needed. Production Sound Mixers usually study Photography, Communication or Music.

53% of Production Sound Mixers hold a Bachelor's Degree and 20% hold a High School Diploma.

Basic Qualification

Sound engineers are employed in other entertainment industries, including music and radio. 


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