Should I be a Music Producer?

What is a Music Producer?

A music producer, or record producer, assists an artist with their recording project, bringing their vision to fruition and guiding their sound along the way.

What Does a Music Producer Do?

Takes calls, coordinates meetings, gets artists signed to labels, co-writes songs and mediates differences between band members.

Schedule and Budget

Schedule  recording sessions within the appointed budget and lead the musicians through that schedule efficiently.

Shaping the Music

They help express the artist’s musical and emotional intent, while considering the commercial aspect to reach a broader audience.

Supervising Performance

The producer must identify and get the best performances from all band members. They say “If it moves you, it can move others too”.

How Much Money Does a Music Producer Make?

Record producers can make anywhere from $25,000 to $1,000,000 per year.

How to Become a Music Producer?

- By getting a Graduate or Postgraduate degree in music production like MA Commercial Music Producer or Master of -Music Leadership. - Learning the Digital Audio Workstation software, one can also start working as an intern and grow by experience. - Knowledge of playing an instrument can be useful. You can have your pick!

Is there a demand for music producers?

Yes! Though new jobs in music production are expanding, so is the competition. This makes aspiring music producers stay on their game.