Scientific Insights for Day-to-Day Life

In theory, Power drills could set your house on fire: Electric drills produce heat as a result of friction. The drill bit, the motor, and the surface all get hot.

Sticky notes are easily released due to uneven adhesive: Only a few of the blobs stick to the board hence making it easily removable.

Gum is chewy due to the fact that it is made of rubber: To imitate the effect of chicle, Styrene Butadiene or Polyvinyl Acetate are used.

At night, office buildings are slightly taller: It's possible that the building will shrink in millimetres as a result of the employees' weight.

A Lego block can bear 350 kg of force: Without collapsing, Legos can withstand four to five times the load of a human.

Polishing shoes is like filling a pothole on the road: When you polish the shoes it strangely resembles cracks filling done on the road.

Heating your house with just 70 people: 70 people in motion or around 130 still people might create body heat which will make you feel like you might be in a microwave.

Density of cold water and air at same temperature: Water is denser than Air, where body loses temperature 25 times quicker than being at the same temperature in air.

Asymmetric molecules clean good: We know water is made of asymmetric molecules which make it a good cleaner.

Babies have more water than Adults: Babies have around 80 percent of water in their body while an adult contains only 60 percent.

Loosely arranged molecules break easily: This is the reason why glass breaks easily, as glass has loosely arranged molecules.

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