New-Age Careers:

New-Age Careers:

 Biofloc Farming  Expert

Biofloc Farming Expert

The technique of growing aquatic plants and animals in big containers that replicate their natural environment by the introduction of particulate organic matter like phytoplankton, bacteria and grazers of the bacteria

What is it used for?

Culture endangered species

Breeding fish and shellfish cultures

Farm aquatic plants like seaweed and more

Benefits of Biofloc Farming




How is it done?

#1 Setting Up Tank - Be Mindful of Factors Responsible for Growth

Position of sunlight

Temperature of the place

Ventilation of the place

#2 Aeration

Placing aerators in an orderly fashion ensures a laminar and quiet flow, thus saving energy and money

#3 Selection of Species

Choose most biologically efficient species depending on culture, water and conditions

#4 Periodic Review

Analyse the growth performance at regular intervals of 15 days

#5 Optimisation

Learn optimisation of carbon and nitrogen to prevent ammonia peaks at later stages of production process

Successful Running of System Needs

Regular monitoring of water

Calculating and recording growth rate

Analysing stock survival


How to become?

All you need is a simple certification course in Biofloc Farming

Types of jobs

Position in any of the renowned fishing conglomerates looking forward to changing over to sustainable and more reliable forms of fishing

In Research centres and foundations studying and protecting aquatic wildlife

Or start your own enterprise!

Is Biofloc Farming Profitable?

Absolutely, it has almost entirely replaced open pond fish farming in India.

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