Is gym trainer a good career option?

Are you interested in helping people improve their health and fitness?

Then this might be the career for you!

Nowadays with most people having sedentary lifestyles, the fitness industry is booming.

You do not need a degree for this career

Unlike many other jobs, gym training does not require formal education

However, opt for training courses by recognised organisations such as:

K11 School of Fitness Sciences

Integrated Fitness and Sports Institute

Gold’s Gym

Courses in physical education or specialised workouts can be beneficial

Learn more about unique workouts such as pilates, callisthenics or yoga

The salary for a fresher will be around Rs. 10,000 a month. But experience is important.

The most famous trainers charge Rs. 1 lakh for a few sessions!

If you build a reputation and strong client base, you could:

Charge higher rates

Open your own gym

Train celebrities

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