Check these interesting careers that also pay well

IPL Fever on?

Loving IPL but not a pro bowler? A big fan of cricket but end up with 0 when you’re aiming for 6’s?

There’s more you can do to support your favourite IPL team than just wear the jersey.

You don’t need to be a great cricketer to help create great cricket matches!

Check out these alternative careers that could land you the best seats for the next IPL.

Level up from a journalism degree to work in TV, Blogs and Sports News, covering your favourite IPL games and players live.


Get familiar with the 42 laws of cricket and get certified by your state association and BCCI to secure the best seat in the IPL stadium.


Always have an eye on the action during the IPL? Take up scoring as a hobby- there’s plenty of online resources, and if you’re passionate you can turn it into a career.


A Masters in data science and a passion for cricket could land you a role as an analyst- staying up late to watch matches can count as research!


Combine your love for sports with medicine to keep your favourite IPL athletes in fighting shape in this lucrative career.


You’ll need sharp negotiation and networking skills as well as know contract law to make big deals in this lucrative field.

Sports Agent

Your leadership, decision making and communication skills will come in clutch in this career as you manage your team to victory.

Team Manager

Don’t let your career choices be limited to what you know.

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