How to become the analyst for an IPL team ?

What to study in college?

You could study journalism or broadcasting, and you should also learn data analysis

Experience > Degree

A degree in analysis is a bonus, but not necessary here

Start small

Find a junior coaching position at any cricket team and start conducting your own analysis

Work experience

You simply need a video camera and a laptop or tablet to start coding games and extracting data

Why they need you

Show a smaller team that you can provide data that helps them, and you’ll attract bigger teams or companies

The data driven route

If you love data but have no interest in coaching, pursue maths or computer programming


Learn coding languages like Python if your goal is to work for an analytics company


Apart from coaching and coding, you can work as a sports journalist before switching to sports analyst


Keep building connections to the cricket world through reporting, writing, coaching or even playing


The average salary for a sports analyst in India is around 1.8 lakhs to 10 lakhs per year

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