Here’s a quick overview of how to become an Illustrator.

– Illustrators use illustrations to communicate the key points of a blog post, an advertisement, or a product label. – By commissioning an illustrator to produce pictures for your business, you may improve the appeal of your products and packaging.

Who is an Illustrator?

Students who desire to major in illustration after the tenth grade can enrol in the arts stream.

Step 1: Stream to select

There are a lot of online courses available that will help you analyse that for yourself. – Fundamentals of the Art & Science of Drawing/Shading. – Fundamentals of the Art & Science of Drawing/Shading. – The Comprehensive Illustration Course in Drawing and Painting.

Step 2: Certification Courses  and Project Courses

To obtain technical expertise in disciplines like sketching and computer graphics, take into consideration enrolling in a fine arts degree programme.

Step 3: Educational  Requirements

Before enrolling for a fine arts degree, students who are interested in the fine arts can enrol in the arts stream after the tenth grade and finish the twelve.

After 10th

Students can apply in a fine arts degree programme after their 12th grade year to receive technical instruction in disciplines like drawing and computer graphics.

After 12th

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) - 3 to 4 Years

Under-Graduate Courses in  India

– Concept art course - 2 years – Diploma in illustration - 3 years – Concept Art and Illustration Classes - 10 Weeks -Diploma in Concept Design and Illustration -  1 year

Under-Graduate Courses  Abroad

As an Illustrator, there is nothing more important than your portfolio to get you a job. Here are few tips on what all to add in yours

Step 4: Job Preparation

Your artistic identity is expressed in your illustration portfolio. It is what sets you apart from a hobbyist and makes you a creative working professional. Display your finest work.

#1 Create Portfolio

Never before have internships been more widespread or crucial for aspiring artists. Gaining valuable on-the-job experience, connections, and abilities through internship work is crucial.

#2 Internships

It's important that you concentrate on one illustration style or industry, even though it's nice to be skilled at multiple things at once. Making a certain illustration choice will make you stand out in that field.

#3 Specialise in a specific  industry

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