Here’s a quick overview of how to become an HR

Who is an HR?

A human resources specialist is in charge of overseeing the entire employee life cycle (recruitment, hiring, onboarding, training, and firing)

Step 1: Stream Selection

There is no mandatory subject limitation to entering HR.

Step 2: Certificate and Project Courses

– Human Resource Analytics - University of     California – Become an HR Business Partner - LinkedIn     Learning – Becoming an L&D professional by -     LinkedIn Learning

Step 3: Educational Qualifications

The following undergraduate courses make it simpler to work in human resources.

# Path 1

Students who take a BBA course in financial accounting, organizational behavior, marketing, sales, tax management, business strategy, etc. will be equipped with the management skills needed to oversee the HR department at any institution.

A BA degree will provide you with a solid understanding of "why people behave the way they do" by covering topics like sociology, anthropology, economics, psychology, history, and literature

# Path 2

Step 4: Job Preparation

– There are numerous alternatives available once you have your bachelor's. – But they won't be of a management kind. The following advice can help you ace interviews.

#1 Internships

You can get an overview of all the HR verticals with the aid of an internship in human resources

#2 Create a Resume

– Given the variety of abilities required in HR, having a resume that is relevant is crucial. – Consequently, having specialized talents and qualifications will aid you in finding work.

#3 Networking

– A great place to network with experts in the subject is LinkedIn. – Your doubts will be dispelled, and their professional guidance will help you escape the bubble you are currently living in.

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