Here’s a quick overview of how to become an Event Manager

Who is an Event Manager?

An event manager is a person who organizes an event, sees that it is carried out according to the budget, and makes sure everything goes without a hitch

Step 1: Stream Selection

– You can opt for the following stream – Commerce

Step 2: Certificate and Project Courses

– To learn more about the field of work, you might test out a range of online courses. – Certificate in Event Management – International Certificate Online Communication Event – Certificate in Applied Tourism and Event Management

Step 3: Educational Qualifications

To start your career as an Event Manager, you must first decide on the bachelor's degree you must have to work.

#1 After 10th

– Certificate in Event Management – Diploma in Event Management – Diploma in Public Relation and Event Management – Diploma in Communication Event

– Bachelors of Business Administration in Event Management – Bachelors of Art in Event Management – Bachelors of Mass Media – Bachelors in Event Management

#1 After 12th

Step 4: Job Preparation

Given that applicants come from a wide range of academic backgrounds, you must put a lot of effort into your preparation if you want to stand out from the throng

#1 Internships

Interning with well-known event managers or with event management firms is the greatest approach to obtaining the practical experience needed to become an event manager

#2 Freelancing

A wonderful method to exercise your abilities and develop a portfolio for an event management profession is to start out as a freelancer

#3 Portfolio Creation

Photograph floral arrangements and various color and texture combinations to create mood boards. Remember to include information on your internship experience and previous client comments.

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