How to become an Environmental Lawyer?

Consider becoming an environmental lawyer if you care about the environment and are interested in law and public policy.

Environmental Lawyers play an important role in the development of environmental policy and raising public awareness about diverse environmental challenges.

What do they do?

Before defending clients in court proceedings on environmental topics such as renewable energy or water pollution, you must have certain prerequisites and qualifications in order to become an environmental lawyer.

Prior Knowledge

– Legal papers, correspondence drafting. – Using research and interviews to gather information for the court. – In court trials involving environmental issues, presenting evidence. – Providing clients with legal guidance, advise, and counsel.


At the postgraduate level, an Environmental Law course is normally provided as a certificate or degree programme. However, just a few universities and colleges provide undergraduate Environmental Law diploma and degree programmes

Educational Qualification

Depending on the sort of programme a candidate has participated in, the course time might range from a few months to four to five years.

Time period

In India, you might do the following steps

After 12, enrol in an integrated-LLB programme or an LLB programme after graduation.

Enrol in an LLM or PG Diploma in Environmental Legal programme at a reputable law institution.

Finally, obtain employment as an environmental lawyer.

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