How to become an EMT/Paramedic?

How to become an EMT/Paramedic?

What do they do?

Respond to calls for emergency medical help, such as CPR or wound bandaging. Determine a treatment plan based on a patient's condition. Treat sick or injured patients with first-aid or life-supporting care.

Before beginning training to become an EMT, you must have a high school diploma. An associate degree may be required of paramedics.

Educational background

There are three levels of training available for persons interested in working in this field:

Levels of training

- Basic, intermediate, and paramedic    EMTs.

Emergency skills and patient assessment are covered in the EMT-Basic course.

Basic training

The applicant must be licensed to work as an EMT or paramedic.


Some states need EMTs and paramedics to pass their certification examinations to practise.


This role demands particular soft skills and personality traits in addition to formal training and a licence to succeed in this occupation.

Soft skills

Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills enable an EMT or paramedic to quickly assess several solutions to problems and select the one with the best likelihood of success.

Critical thinking

Excellent communication skills enable the EMT or paramedic to receive and relay information from the patient and others on the site.

Communication skills

Physical stamina is required because this profession includes a lot of lifting and bending.

Physical buildup

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