Here’s a quick overview of how to become an Economist.

– To understand why people choose various actions, economists study individuals and their choices. – In order to achieve developmental goals, they provide guidance to governments and organisations while making financial decisions.

Who is an Economist?

– You can opt for the following stream- – Commerce

Step 1: Stream Selection

– To become an economist, you must first complete economics coursework. – It is advisable to get a bachelor's degree in economics because it will serve as a good foundation for future research.

Step 2: Educational Qualifications

– Bachelors of Arts in Economics – Bachelors in Behavioural Economics – B.Sc in Economics – Bachelors of Applied Economics

UG Programs in India

– B.Sc in Economics – BA in Economics – BS Applied Mathematical Economics – B.Sc in Agribusiness Economics

UG Programs in Abroad

– To learn more about the field of work, you might test out a range of online courses. – R programming – Forecasting – Research Methodology – Advance Excel

Step 3: Certification Courses

You must put a lot of effort into your preparation if you want to stand out from the crowd because applicants come from a variety of academic backgrounds.

Step 4: Job Preparation

As you develop your proficiency as an economist, look for internship options that will let you sharpen your abilities and increase your knowledge of the industry.

#1 Internships

Work as a research intern to assist your instructors or conduct some study for your university.

#2 Freelancing

– It would be quite advantageous if you had performed internships and got the aforementioned credentials, as this would increase the appeal of your application for a particular position.

#3 Portfolio Creation

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