How to become an Archaeologist?

They elicit information and formulate theories, identify a dig location based on evidence and then utilise scientific sample techniques to determine where to dig on the site.

What do they do?


To work as an archaeologist, you must first complete an undergraduate programme and acquire a bachelor's degree in cultural heritage, ancient history, archaeology, history, geography, anthropology, or a related discipline.

Enrol in which programme?

It is necessary to enrol in a B.A. Archaeology programme.

When can you enrol for B.A.?

After completing higher secondary school, students must enrol in B.A.

Marine Archaeologist

If the student wants to be a Marine Archaeologist, he should have a degree in engineering.

Why a degree in Marine Archaeology?

Because you will regularly analyse archaeological artefacts and actively participate in excavation operations, your educational background will be an added asset to you.

Entrance exams

The majority of BA Archaeology admissions are based on merit. However, many top colleges hold entrance tests on a regular basis.

State entrance exam

The state entrance exams that incorporate personal interviews include the IPU CET, BHU PET, and AUCET.

Master’s programme

If you are applying for an MA programme, institutions will conduct personal interviews in which your BA thesis and research work will be a plus.

The right college

When applying to colleges, consider where you have the most on-field experience and how well the college provides work experience through internships.

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