Here’s a quick overview of how to become an Animator.

To develop characters for various projects, such as movies, advertisements, television, marketing campaigns, etc., an animator combines sketches, designs, layouts, graphics, etc.

Who is an Animator?

– In 11th and 12th grade, you can choose any stream, however if you have a talent for animation,choose the arts one. – It sharpens your imagination and may motivate you to advance your skills in animation and graphics.

Step 1: Stream Selection

– Certificate in VFX – Certificate in 3D Animation – Certificate in CG Arts – Certificate in Editing, Mixing, and Post Production Works – Certificate in 2D Animation – Certificate in Basics of 2D and 3D Animation

Step 2: Certification Courses

– A cumulative grade average of at least 55% in the 12th grade is necessary to enrol in any animation course. – One may pursue a diploma after the 12th grade, graduate, and look for employment.

Step 3: Educational Qualifications

The most crucial aspect of understanding how to become an Animator is work preparation.

Step 4: Job Preparation

– Make sure to sign up for internships both during and after undergrad. – Success in the field of animation requires a person to work on a variety of projects and develop their skills.

#1 Internships

– All of the necessary credentials and experiences from your training and professional experience should be included in your portfolio. – 15 to 20 pieces of original work, such as life drawings, layouts, character sketches, freestyle, movement, etc., should also be included.

#2 Portfolio

– Many animators can make a living by working for themselves. – You become a credible applicant if you have established a profile with credible works to your credit. – You have a variety of options and can work on several projects at once.

#3 Freelancing

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