How to become an air hostess in India

Complete your Schooling

You can apply for a job as an air hostess after completing 12th grade. It is better to have a score above 60%.

Get a relevant degree

While it is not necessary, a degree that is helpful in this field, such as hospitality or travel management, can make you stand out among the competition.

Apply to airlines

Most airlines have 2-3 rounds including an interview, BMI check and an optional group discussion. The base salary for Indian airlines is Rs. 35,000 and it goes up to Rs. 85,000 for senior crew.

Meet the medical requirements

You will need to pass all the medical tests that the airline asks you to do (like blood test, auditory test, ECG). Make sure your health is in good condition before applying.

Complete your training

Most airlines have their own training programs, where they have their headquarters. You have to complete your initial (or Ab Initio) training and your yearly (or Recurrent) training.

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