How to become an Advertising Sales Representative?

What do they do?

They are people who sell ad space to companies. They also give sales presentations, contact potential clients and keep track of client accounts.

Educational background

You won't need a college diploma but many employers prefer individuals who have a bachelor's degree in advertising, marketing, or business.

Job requirements

Here are some requirements, taken directly from job postings.

Maths and Analytics

Excellent media maths skills and knowledge of industry research tools and analytics.

Self Starter

The mantra to self for ad sales reps is “I'm motivated, enthusiastic, and a true team player.”

People Skills

A warm and friendly demeanour that facilitates the development of relationships.


Handling multiple tasks for multiple clients and the ability to function in a fast-paced setting.


As they need to deal with a variety of people, entrepreneurial and professional spirit is a must.

Problem Management

Ability to work under pressure and overcome objections while meeting deadlines and sales targets.

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