Here’s a quick overview of how to become a Wildlife Photographer

Who is a Wildlife Photographer?

A Wildlife Photographer is an individual who photographs numerous wildlife species in their natural habitat.

Step 1: Stream to Select

– Humanities     or – Science

Step 2: Certificate and Project Courses

You can take these courses anytime    – Wildlife Photography Online Course    – Intro to Wildlife Photography    – Wildlife for Beginners and Amateurs

Step 3: Educational Qualifications

There are a few professional courses you can take right after 10th

After 10th

You can opt for the following courses: – ITI Digital Photography – Diploma courses in Photography – Certificate courses – Diploma In Wildlife Photography And             Cinematography Course

After 12th

For a full-time course opt for - Diploma in Wildlife Photography else you can also go for  - BFA Photography

Step 4: Job Preparation

– This is the most important part one should     know before applying for the position of     Wildlife Photographer.

#1 Get the Right Equipment:

– When you start earning money from your    photographs, it could seem like a sizable     Investment at the beginning of your     photographic career.

#2 Create a portfolio:

– Your CV is essentially a portfolio of your     work. You can then exhibit your best work     to prospective employers as a result

#3 Make connections with other photographers:

– You can find work as a wildlife     photographer by networking with other    photographers and publications that    feature wildlife photography

#4 Learn About the Animals:

– If you study how a species behaves, you    will be able to identify the greatest    positions and settings to capture

#5 Respect for nature and animals:

– To convey to the world the value of animal     protection, you capture gorgeous animals     in your photographs

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