How to become a Supply Chain Ninja

How to become a Supply Chain Ninja

What do supply chain professionals do?

Oversee production, transportation, and sale of products/services in the most cost-effective way

Educational Requirements

While there are other ways to enter this field, a bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management is certainly a bonus!

Develop Skills

Knowledge beyond theory is highly required - look for work experience through internships and part time jobs

Hard Skills Required

Project Management

Legal knowledge

Market understanding


IT skills

Business ethics

Soft Skills Required

Communication & collaboration

Time management

Vision & leadership

Desire to learn

Logical organisation of thoughts

Gain Experience

It’s the strongest, not the most intelligent, that survive Most of the soft skills are not taught but acquired

Master’s Degree

A Master’s degree, especially MBA in Supply Chain Management can be very useful in advancing your career

Shipping and Logistics

The nuances of shipping and logistics are critical to learn, as they are central to the job

Credential Programs

Completing credential programs from professional organisations can be a great aid and take less time than a master’s degree

Future Trends

The emphasis will be on effective management of relationships through collaboration and measurement

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