How to become a Psychotherapist

How to become a Psychotherapist

Obtain a Bachelors in Psychology

The first step is to get a degree in a similar field

Apply for a relevant masters degree

You can pursue a Masters in Psychotherapy for 2 years

Some of the universities that offer relevant courses:

University of London

Regent’s University London

University of Queensland

Complete an internship

Work at a hospital/clinic under an experienced psychotherapist

Register for a licence

The process will vary, depending on where you want to practise

Opt for a PhD

Learn a specialisation and increase your qualifications

Some of the specialisations:

Mental health counselling

Family counselling

Educational therapy

Occupational therapy

What is the salary like?

The average salary is Rs. 3.6 LPA

But psychotherapists earn much more as their qualifications, skills, and reputation increases.

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